Do you have any personal questions that you want to seek my advice privately? 

I have a master’s degree in intercultural communication and I have excellent interpersonal skills. With my expertise and knowledge, I can help identify your problems and guide you to take a positive approach to solve those based on an understanding of cultural sensitivity and differences. 

I have been coaching a lot of people and have helped them understand the concept of Sin Sod, business culture, and how to bridge the gap/resolve conflicts resulted from the cultural discrepancies. 

This video coaching method is also suitable for any learners who have been struggling with the same problems in learning Thai. I can pinpoint your problems and provide resources (free/available for sale) after our session. You can ask as many questions as you want during the session. Only when needed, I’ll also provide additional information via e-mail after the session.

30-min rate: 1,111 baht or $40 USD 

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1-hour rate: 1,700 baht or $65 USD

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