One-on-one Lessons with Sarah

Why Study with Sarah?

Thank you so much for your interest in one-on-one lessons with me. I got a BA in Arts, majored in English linguistics and literature and an MA in intercultural and international communication. I have 20 years of experience in teaching and I give more than 100% for each 45 min lesson, plus homework, and tips for how to do it.

All of the core lessons include both language and cultural aspects. Not only will you learn how to speak like a Thai, but you will also learn a lot of Thai cultural aspects to make sure you can communicate with any Thais effectively. I usually include slang, expressions, and common particles you need to know in order to speak Thai with confidence.

I also follow up with every of the students and usually respond to their questions during the week if they struggle with the homework. I also refer to  my own video on YouTube often to complement what I teach them. My students also enjoy the benefit of being able to request any Thai songs/particular articles to study and have me explain anything they want to know. Another perk for online lessons is they will receive my notes of each lesson after class.

I’m light-hearted and funny, yet I consider myself a very strict teacher because I never let any of my students get away with wrong tones. I understand the phonetics and structure of both languages really well. I can say all of my students’ tones are close to perfect because I am a very strict teacher and as someone who speaks English with least accent, that’s what I want my students to achieve as well. If you’re looking for a teacher who takes her lessons seriously yet making them enjoyable and fun, you’re in the right place 🙂

I enjoy teaching Thai lyrics to my students.

How to Start?

To understand your expectations and goals of Thai learning, I’ll need you to fill out to fill out the following form first and I’ll get back to you!

Each 45-min lesson is conducted on Zoom. The student can see my screen and me on my camera. Each lesson’s notes together with its audio recording of my teaching for that lesson will be emailed to the student after class.

1) Valid for 5 weeks
10 Lesson Package $320 USD* or 9,000 baht (900 baht/lesson)

2) Valid for 10 weeks
20 Lessons get 10% off, $580 USD or 16,200 baht (810 baht/lesson)
40 Lessons, get 20% off $1,010 USD or 28,800 baht (720 baht/lesson)

for 40 lessons, you can opt for 90-min lessons twice a week instead of 45-min lessons 4 times a week

  • Package expiration date is 10 weeks from the fee payment date. In case of cancellation with a 48-hr notice, a makeup class will be conducted within the same week.
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer (in baht) or PayPal (in USD)

For more information including corporate rates (online lessons on Zoom), please e-mail at

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