15-hr Group Lessons (5,500 baht)


Thank you for your interest in learning Thai with me. This course is suitable for those who are absolute beginners and those who know a little bit here and there and can’t really form sentences. Kids at the age of 12 or older are welcome to join.

In this course, you’ll be LEARNING:

– Guide to pronunciation (Paiboon+ System) + the very basics of the Thai language + tones
– Basic sentence structures and comparison between the Thai and English language
– Self-introduction/basic greetings
– Directions
– Taxi language
– Asking for prices
ุ- Ordering food/drinks
– Bonus: Thai song(s) (national anthem, nursery rhyme or any other song)

All of the core lessons include both language and cultural aspects. Not only will you learn how to speak like a Thai, but you will also learn a lot of Thai cultural aspects to make sure you can communicate with any Thais effectively. This course focuses on speaking only. I’ll be including slang, expressions, and common particles you need to know in order to speak Thai with confidence.

What you’ll be RECEIVING:
– Materials before each session and audio recordings after each session
– My feedback for your recording/homework individually
Please note that you can also get audio recordings for any session you can’t attend.

I’m very attentive to each student’s progress and can give you the good foundations of the Thai language from the very beginning, especially tones as Thai is a tonal language. From over 20 years of teaching experience and as a linguist myself, I can pinpoint what you need to work on as well as how to stay motivated on learning Thai.

Check out my livestreams for teaching at this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq50MSMZKTlrFGZUhSrxYK3UWL1LKKfx2

Prices: 5,500 baht via bank transfer or PayPal (inclusive of the transfer fee)


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