Email Coaching

Do you have any questions about the Thai language that you couldn’t figure out?

Do you have a hard time understanding your partner due to the cultural barriers?

I can help identify the problems and come up with solutions for you.

You can ask me any 3 questions per email. The questions can be anything about the Thai language and culture in your specific situation or something you didn’t understand from your private tutorial sessions. My response will be in 700-1,200 words. Private coaching via email is different than questions that can be answered on my livestreams. It is suitable for people who have questions that are really specific to their situations or for their own learning while FAQs are mostly asked by many people. Your questions during our session won’t be revealed to public or on my livestreams without your permission.

Email coaching fee: 1,111 baht per email or USD 40 (inclusive of transfer fee via PayPal)

If interested, please email at:

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