Methods For Learning Thai Online

by Connor Avis

With the advent of the internet, new opportunities have opened up and it has become possible to communicate with people worldwide, search for answers about almost any topic, and access a whole world of information. That last part is what we will be focusing on today. The internet is changing the way people are learning new languages thanks to the variety of different resources that are available in just a few clicks. We are no longer restricted to the books they have at the local bookstore, meaning the more ‘obscure’ languages like Thai are now much easier to learn.

There are some things to consider when it comes to learning Thai online. Everyone is a bit different in how they learn. Some people prefer reading while others prefer audio or visual. Thankfully, the internet has you covered whichever way you think you will learn best from.


YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning. There are all sorts of knowledge being shared through the online video platform about all kinds of topics, including languages. There are actually a number of videos aimed to help you learning Thai online. You can choose how much input you have. You can take notes as you go or just relax and absorb the knowledge.

The audio-visual format of videos helps get a lot of information across very quickly. You are able to listen to pronunciation of words directly from native speakers while also seeing their mannerisms. Many are really engaging and good at keeping your attention too so that you can also get some enjoyment while you are learning. Another great thing is that they often throw in interesting cultural facts about Thai as well.

One thing to consider is that YouTube is infamous for distracting people. The whole concept of ‘YouTube rabbit holes’ is very much a real thing, and I have fallen into that trap many times. However, if you are able to maintain some discipline, you will be able to learn a lot through YouTube videos thanks to the work of many different creators on the platform.

Playlist for Thai for Beginners (15 videos)

Mobile Apps

Yes, we are bringing up mobile apps as a great method for learning Thai online. We really do think that mobile apps make for great language learning platforms though. Hear us out on this: learning is said to be accomplished best when you set aside time frequently and regularly to get it done. Now, name a device that most people have on them often. That’s right – a smartphone.

Apps are ideal companions for any language learner. They make use of techniques such as gamification that makes the whole process of learning Thai a lot more fun. They make it easy to track your progress, are highly interactive, and can be accessed often whenever you have a little bit of free time. Commuting to work on the bus? Try out a quick quiz to test your Thai vocabulary. Waiting for the dentist? Learn a few new words. You get the idea.

While phones are getting bigger, it is easy to feel that reading on small devices is not as easy as on, say, a laptop. Actually, mobile apps usually work along side a desktop or online application as it brings together the best of both worlds. There are quite a few different apps available for smartphone with the purpose of learning Thai online, but we recommend the Ling Thai app. A lot of users love Ling because they can speak and check their pronunciation, learn the writing alphabet and also learn practical dialogues, vocabulary and sentence structures. The app also has Chatbot with which you can enjoy speaking Thai more. Not just that, you can learn 50+ languages inside the app. 

Online Tutors

If you are unable to talk directly with a native speaker who can help you perfect your pronunciation and guide you in one on one lessons, then what is the next best thing? Well, that would be to have a video call with them.

There are all sorts of tutors available online who are happy to teach you Thai. Whether you are looking for a more laid-back learning style or a more strict lesson plan, there is a right tutor for you. This is particularly useful if you are outside of the country and do not have any Thai friends you can talk with to practice your speaking. Even if you are in Thailand, being able to talk with someone who can give you pointers in your own language is a major help.

One of the biggest obstacles you may face with this option of learning Thai online is that you cannot be sure how good of a teacher the person on the other end is. Sure, there are likely reviews available from others but you can never be sure that you will be able to work together well. After you do find the right teacher though, online tutors are a fantastic option and may just offer the most tailored learning experience.


Many people online have started running their own blogs. The topics of these run the gamut based on what they are passionate about and interested in. These in turn attract people interested in these topics. I imagine you should know because you are reading this post now. Any search for ‘how to say x in Thai’ will bring up a number of different blogs by people looking to help you learn Thai online.

Blogs can be a great resource if you are looking for information about a specific subject or how to say certain words in a language. More often than not, they offer some background information relevant to the topic too which helps you learn more and keeps things interesting. They can also cover more abstract topics related to culture for more insight into the daily lives of Thai people. Let’s not forget that they can also add in images and videos to help get the ideas across, making it a truly multimedia experience.

One thing to note is that the quality of blog posts is not always the best. It is sometimes worth checking out a couple different ones if you are not sure whether to believe what you have read in another. Most of the time however, they can make for a great read and really prove useful in teaching you Thai vocabulary.

Choose What Is Best For You

Unfortunately, there is no single option that we can recommend to everyone for learning Thai online. Everyone learns differently and so what platforms they choose to use will reflect that. However, we can recommend that people switch things up and try a mixture of these methods to get the most rounded experience. It depends on what you are trying to learn too. If you are focusing on speaking, then written words are only going to help you so much. Try to match your methods with what you are learning. I believe that is a great way to move forward with learning Thai.


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