Welcome to Thai with Sarah where you can learn all about the language, culture, and Thailand! I’m a native Thai speaker who was born and raised in Bangkok. I spent 5 years in Canada (mostly Vancouver) where I obtained my master’s degree in intercultural and international communication. I’m passionate about teaching as well as explaining the cultural nuances while presenting my own country to the world.

Who Am I?

I’ve been on YouTube since late July 2019 and consistently producing over 100 videos on a variety of topics. I’ve covered the concept of greng jai เกรงใจ, man sai หมั่นไส้, sin sod สินสอด or dowry in Thai culture, and etc. I also love playing piano and singing so I made some videos for Thai songs for those who find music as a fun part of learning the language and one of those is Thai national anthem–the video that I’m the most proud of as a Thai national.

While I enjoy giving private lessons, I am also hoping to teach bigger groups of students because to me teaching is about creating an impact in the community and so teaching on YouTube is something that allows me to achieve that goal at a larger scale.

Educational Background

Master of Arts in Professional Communication with a Specialization in Intercultural and International Communication from Royal Roads University (RRU), Victoria, BC, Canada

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Linguistics from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

150-hour TESOL / TEFL Certificate from Global College, Toronto, ON, Canada

Judicial Interpretation Certificate from Aquinas Institute, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Professional Experiences

I worked with Fulbright Thailand  as a junior program officer during late 2013 – beginning of 2018. The role to increase each year application number. One of my achievements was when I tripled the number of one program in 2015.

In the meantime, I served as an advisor and board member of the Thai-Canada Economic Cooperation Foundationduring 2014-2017.

I expanded the network and helped with recruitment of Canadian teachers / students interns to serve in rural schools. I also worked with other board members on projects to promote mutual understanding between Thailand and Canada.

In 2018, I headed the non-core business department at Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit where I developed my own marketing strategies by looking at the marketing trends and comparing the approaches the other international schools in the area had been using to increase their sales. Within four months, I increased revenue by 63% for project outside school hours.